Pakistan Mortgage Refinance Company Limited

Success Stories

The Challenges:

Today, the most critical asset for organizations is data. Data must be stored in the most eff effective way and processed when needed. PMRC had to invest in both infrastructure and server resources since the storage units completed a certain life-time in the traditional architecture that has been used for many years. In the past, PMRC used an infrastructure consisting of local server storage, referred to as classical architecture. Facing application performance and manageability issues as well as High-Availability. All applications running on standalone physical server, having availability and scalability issues. Monitoring the critical infrastructure and is also a challenge for him.



The classical IT infrastructure has been transformed into a persistent infrastructure using the latest hardware and software products, in accordance with today’s technology. During this transformation, Hyper integrated infrastructure (HCI), which is a part of developing software technologies, was used. PMRC Found that Sangfor aSAN was the most suitable solution for them, and established the enterprise continuity infrastructure with aSAN Hybrid mode. PMRC saw that Sangfor aSAN solution differs in many respects when compared to counterparts in the market. The features such as flexible disk space, extension capability, easy management, high performance played a crucial role in the aSAN choice. With Sangfor technologies, The PMRC has achieved it’s targeted infrastructure. The existing infrastructure is a hyper-integrated infrastructure with servers and virtualization software (aSAN, vSV) and for monitoring the HCI infrastructure with aCMP and also make a DR site for replication in case of any disaster happened in the primary side, the replication perform by Sangfor a DR continuously.